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Energising Leaders through Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

Agile leadership coaching & mentoring for a challenging world.

Most people are their own biggest barrier to progression and success. Work with me and I’ll help you to change that. My approach to coaching is to unlock a new way of thinking and learning that illuminates hidden talent, unseen value and untapped energy in people, from C-Suite leaders to managers and leadership professionals seeking greater success.

How will you benefit from my coaching & mentoring sessions?


Agile Leadership Coaching & Mentoring is a personal learning and thinking process where I support, encourage and challenge you to navigate barriers and leverage your strengths to become a more inspiring, effective and successful leader.


I’ll help you to focus on progressive marginal gains and accumulate small wins that accelerate your momentum, propelling you to new and ever-higher standards.


You’ll discover valuable “ah-ha” moments that come from the shift in your thinking as you learn to reframe challenges and realise your potential.


You’ll have access to a blend of professional coaching and measured mentoring, and a powerful combination of evaluation instruments to provide objective feedback on your progress.


Crucially, you’ll benefit from my significant personal insight: as an experienced leader, I understand most leadership challenges and provide an empathetic, non-judgemental source of wisdom as well as a raft of sound coaching methodologies.

My programme

What can you expect from your sessions with me?

My coaching & mentoring programme is flexible, with packages and formats to suit different needs and levels of seniority.

It typically comprises a series of 2-hour conversations hosted in an environment free from distractions. The sessions are designed to be relaxed and informal, supportive and encouraging, challenging yet non-confrontational.

An initial series of 6 coaching sessions over a period of 6 to 9 months is usually needed to achieve important outcomes. Beyond that, sessions can continue for several years if required. My sessions can be delivered remotely using video conferencing technologies if preferred.

My coaching & mentoring packages vary and  can include:
  • Sessions (typically 2 hours) every 4 – 6 weeks
  • Complementary chemistry sessions
  • Establishment of overall coaching objectives and goals and careful, planned alignment of sessions with them
  • Trial first session
  • Reciprocal coaching contract covering mutual agreements
  • Telephone, video and email support between sessions
  • Strengths and EQ evaluations
  • Results evaluations
  • Best practice in keeping/encouragement in using a coaching diary (Client commitment)
  • Session-based action plans (Client commitment)

What are Non-Directive Coaching and Measured Mentoring?

My coaching integrates the two complementary development approaches of Non-Directive Coaching and Measured Mentoring. Both are aimed at enhancing an individual’s potential, learnings, skill, knowledge, experience, wisdom and professional growth.

Non-Directive Coaching

Designed to draw out an individual’s untapped talent, value and energy while raising their self-awareness, self-knowledge, responsibility and accountability.

The principal techniques I use in these sessions are active listening and incisive questioning.

I apply the Meyler Campbell T-GROW process as a guide for each coaching session, while ensuring that process doesn’t constrain the richness of the sessions.

Measured Mentoring

A suggestive approach to sharing a Coach’s knowledge, experience and wisdom, past failures, successes, achievements and lessons learned.

Under the control and agreement of my Client, I temporarily reframe a coaching session with a break-out white-board exercise. My “white-board workout” is a skilfully structured conversation where I use incisive questions to illustrate a scenario, explore a specific challenge and illuminate specific challenge. The time-out is carefully delineated from the main coaching session.

The T-GROW model

How T-GROW works

The Meyler Campbell T-GROW framework helps ensure my coaching has purpose and direction and drives practical outcomes.


Framing the conversation for each session and relevant to the overall objective of the coaching programme, the topic for each session is taken from your Coaching Diary I encourage you to keep.


I invite you to describe the outcome you expect from each session, and will help ensure these goals align with the “big picture” goal of the coaching programme.


In-depth Q & A to ensure I fully understand the facts of your situation as you perceive them.


I will draw out from you the possible solutions to your challenges and help you narrow them down to actions you can implement.


The stage where you, the Client, describe your next steps and your will to deliver on your agreed actions. I will determine the resources you’ll need, and possible barriers to success.

Clinical in getting to the root of the problem and with decades’ worth of knowledge and experience, Stephen has accelerated my career and made me a more conscientious and productive person.”

Management Consultant at a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm

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