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Virtual Leadership for a Different Normal

The transition from leading in-person teams to leading virtual teams or even hybrid work schemes is becoming an embedded and permanent feature of the different normal …

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Change Only 1 Thing

When it comes to making changes we often attempt to change several things at once and this is hard to do because each one requires its own level of effort, energy and concentration.

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Culture trumps values

Culture Always Trumps Values

It is an unrelenting constant that organisation culture always trumps values and it is to their regret that all too many organisations only realise this when a detrimental crisis occurs or a damaging scandal is uncovered.

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Everyone needs a coach

‘Everyone Needs a Coach’ – Bill Gates

The challenge facing most organisation leaders today is how to provide the necessary guidance, direction and decisions in the increasingly complex and rapidly changing work environment.

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Leadership Principles: The 4th Industrial Revolution & COVID-19 Needs Agile Leadership

For the first time in our history we now have 4 generations of people coming together in the workplace at the same time.

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Comfort Zone

Want to Escape Your Comfort Zone? Find Your Optimal Performance Zone.

If you’re feeling at ease with your work environment, believe you are in control of your situation and are experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress, then you are probably in your comfort zone.

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