Uncovering your hidden potential.

I support, encourage and challenge organisation leaders to discover their hidden talent, unseen value and untapped energy through my Agile Leadership coaching & mentoring service.
I support, encourage and challenge leaders to discover their hidden talent, unseen value and untapped energy through my Agile Leadership coaching & mentoring service.

Energising Leaders through Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

I challenge leaders to drive their potential beyond their own perceived limits, giving them the freedom to create a life that is balanced, satisfying and rewarding.

I can offer you sympathetic, robust and transformative support that will help you rise to any leadership challenge. That includes managing organisational change, creating and executing strategy that works and building and energising diverse teams.

Why coaching & mentoring?

Today's leadership challenge.

As the world experiences one technological, social and mobility-based upheaval after another, leaders everywhere are beset by new and often unforeseeable opportunities and challenges. Expert coaching from professionals who understand the reality of leadership is needed now more than ever.



The fourth industrial revolution presents an array of opportunities and challenges from new technology: AI, Robotics and smart automation; Big Data; Internet of Things, Digital Economies and Smart Cities.



New demands for remote working, mobility and decentralised organisations, flexible working, virtual communications and new perceptions about commuting, health & safety and wellbeing are all adding to the leadership challenge.

Knowledge & skills

Knowledge & skills

New rates of information growth and knowledge decay; limited shelf-life of skills; new leadership systems; non-linear portfolio careers; skills shortages and huge competition for talent: all these trends are driving the need for continuous learning.
People and missions

People & purpose

Engagement of diverse, multi-generation, multi-skilled, multicultural workforces are causing organisations to pivot operating models and realign organisational & individual purpose, values & culture.

Stephen Grinham

Founder & Coach

Stephen Grinham.

I am an experienced coach and mentor with a unique approach to supporting, encouraging and challenging leaders to be the best they can be in an unpredictable and demanding world.

A graduate of the Meyler Campbell coaching methodology, I combine elements of the GROW coaching model, non-directive coaching and measured mentoring. Crucially, I bring extensive experience, knowledge and wisdom of international business leadership, empathy and lessons learnt from my successes – as well as from times when things didn’t go as planned.

I look forward to meeting you, learning about your unique challenges and exploring how we can work together.

Expected outcomes

How I can help.

By helping you to formulate action plans that promote your leadership brand, develop your human qualities and shape your professional & personal values, I can help you with:

Attracting &
retaining talent

Promoting human qualities & values, driving ambitions beyond perceived limits and creating a work-life balance that is satisfying, enduring and rewarding.

Sharper Customer focus

Creating a culture where customer satisfaction, at every stage of the customer experience, is at the heart of organisational values.

Learning & Development

Providing an L&D solution to a new challenge: as remote working becomes the norm, workers lose exposure to contextual learning from senior colleagues.

Powerful employee engagement

Exceptional engagement, motivation and empowerment of multi-generational, diverse workforces through authentic, purposeful, persuasive communications.

Access to untapped innovation

Creating an empowered enabling environment, fostering a culture of continuous learning and future-proofing knowledge & skills.

Stronger financial performance

Through smart strategies for growth, operational delivery and innovations for continuous improvement.

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